Aug 042012

Buying a home is not a process of selection; it’s a process of elimination. We frame the process and lead you through it to the point that when we walk across the threshold of a home, you’ll know what you like and you’ll know it’s a good deal. When we accomplish that, you’ll be ready to buy.

Our goal is to help you make a decision. We’ll review average prices for the type of home, location, and neighbourhood you want before you tour homes with us. We will be in contact with you each day, by phone, email, or text to update you on market activity. We ask for your feedback on properties you see (using a property feedback form) with us. We’ll ask you the three key questions about each home to help you in the decision making process. You will see that we are patient, focused, and a great resource to you.

The Blair Zilkey Team-Insightful Advice, Leading Edge Implementation.

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