Nov 092012

Two keys when listing;

  1. Your home becomes a product for sale;
  2. Buyers must be able to visualize themselves and their possessions in your home and they often do this within 5 minutes of viewing your product.

Realtors see many homes on a weekly basis-it’s part of the job! For this reason, realtors know there is a big difference between a home that has been properly prepared for sale and one that hasn’t. The implication? Realtors judge your home, and provide their opinion to their buyers.

So, how do you prepare your home to receive a favorable market opinion? Here are just a few suggestions.

First, declutter. This work can begin even before you engage a realtor to list your home. Reduce closet contents by 1/3. Remove all personal photos from side tables and walls. Clean out and organize the garage. Clean out and organize the basement (finished or not). Place excess furniture and items in the garage as you want the interior space to be open as possible. Remove knick knacks from counters and tables.

Second, chose a realtor that partners with a home stager/designer. I utilize Suzie Findlay of Divine Home Staging and Decor . A good home stager will complete a thorough walk-through of your home with your realtor. This process usually takes a couple of hours. The next day we receive a detailed room by room checklist of what stays, and what is stored. Any small renovations, lighting changes, and decluttering recommendations are outlined. My clients see great value in the staging process.

Give me a call to discuss further preparing your home for sale.

The Blair Zilkey Team-Insightful Advice, Leading Edge Implementation.

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