Jul 232012

A Buyer Representation Agreement is a benefit to you and you should not begin seriously looking for a home without signing one with a realtor you know and trust.

We require our buyers to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement at the start of the process-we review it with you clause by clause. Doing so clarifies our business relationship and protects both our interests. The BRA-as it’s called- is the buying equivalent to the listing agreement used when selling. Take a look at this layperson’s guide to the Buyer’s Representation Agreement, and contact us today if you have questions.

When our clients sign a BRA with us, they know we are working for them and we are working hard from the start. We’re motivated because we know you are serious about buying and interested in building a sound business relationship with us for this and future transactions.

Afraid of the horror stories you’ve heard about being locked into a BRA for six months and a geographic area like ‘The GTA’ or ‘The Golden Horseshoe?’ No worry, we sign geography specific and time reasonable agreements, usually on a renewable monthly basis.

The Blair Zilkey Team-Insightful Advice, Leading Edge Implementation.

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