Jul 272012

Today’s buyer expects more than to see a virtual tour of your home posted on Realtor.ca. In fact, virtual tours are to real estate marketing as beta was to video cassette tapes. Marketing of the past will not help you net maximum proceeds for your home today. Our Marketing Plan will.

To get maximum proceeds in the shortest amount of time, your home must compete on the strength of its features and benefits. These features and benefits must be showcased in a way that the traditional real estate listings aren’t. We’ve made the investment. We’ve got the knowledge, experience, and marketing and sales savvy to set your listing apart from its competition.

  • We create a dedicated url (website) for your property-123yourstreet.com;
  • All your home’s marketing content-content that today’s buyer wants to see often before they see your home-is there;
  • HD Video Tour, Slide Show, Floor Plans, Survey, Property Features & Upgrades, and pinned location give buyers an instant comprehensive view of your property;
  • And because almost 50% of adults 18-34 use their smartphone to access the web we’ve created mobile/tablet versions of our sites.

Visit www.marketingyourlisting.com for a tour.

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