The residential real estate market is a competitive, tough place. As a buyer, you are competing against other buyers who covet the same property you do and want it as badly, if not more than you do. How do you buy prudently?

At the Blair Zilkey Team, we take a strategic approach when working with our buyers. We set the tone for the process, we fully engage you, and we help you make a decision.

Your realtor should bring market insight, preparedness, speed, thoroughness, be a tough negotiator, and be strong on details and follow-up. We bring these qualities to all our clients.

Our Approach

We don’t like our clients to overpay for a home. We always start with the numbers. What is your price range? What is the cost for you to move? What are the selling prices and trends in your target and existing neighbourhoods? How do the prices of homes we have chosen to look at compare to what has sold, and what is currently on the market?

Zorica and I are analytic people by nature. This benefits you as we bring clarity to your search process by developing a plan tailored for you. As valued advisors, we keep you informed and focused on your objectives and the plan we co-developed. Achieving your goals is our mission and our passion. As they say, ‘Helping You is What we Do.’

Next Steps? You’ve already taken an important one by coming here. Sign up for our client appreciation program and receive today “10 Deadly Mistakes Buyers Make” and check out our blog posts to learn more. If your move is a ways off, we’ll have a chance to get to know one another. If your time line is shorter, call for an appointment and come into the office to meet and get started.

Buying Blog Posts

Working with a Realtor

You don’t cut your own hair and likely don’t fix your own car, so why would you spend months trying to buy a house on your own (almost always unsuccessfully) without timely advice from a licensed professional you know has your best interests at heart?

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Securing Buyer Representation

A Buyer Representation Agreement is a benefit to you and you should not begin seriously looking for a home without signing one with a realtor you know and trust.

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