Jan 242013

As noted in my blog earlier this week, and as discussed at my October Business Mixer, the supply of new home builds is far exceeded by demand. Resale home prices are thus propped up by the new home shortage-especially those resale homes that have been renovated. But what of tired, poor curb appeal, non-renovated homes? These are diamonds in the rough.

Often these homes can be purchased at a discount, especially true as we head into a buyers market later this spring. With financing available on the renovated cost (not just the purchase price) of the home it is possible to afford to live in the neighbourhood of your choice. As you consider this option, don’t hesitate to give me a call to discuss the key considerations of your plan. We can help you find the right home and project manage your move from your current one.

Make sure you interview two or three contractors including Mike Manning, President of Refined Renovations of Oakville.  Click here to download a Refined Renovations Press Release. His new website will be live this weekend.

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