Business Partners


A real estate transaction generates business for 12-14 other businesses (legal, mortgage, cleaners, movers etc.)-and that is just during the transaction. Add home-focused services before and after the sale and the number grows significantly.

Referral Directory

For clients

We want to be able to help our clients access services they can trust-easily. This directory is one way we help you connect within the community. We always recommend that you speak with at least two, preferably three providers to find one that is right for you.

Delighted with a service provider that isn’t in our directory? Please send me their name and contact details and we will follow up with them. We aim to have three providers in each business category (eg three lawyers, three financial planners). It is important that all my clients know we receive no financial consideration for this service.

Click here to link to my directory of business referrals.

For businesses

The Blair Zilkey Team is proud to have long-term relationships with business partners who are committed to delivering great service to our clients before, during, and after the sale. As a business partner you will be one of a maximum three providers I refer my clients to in your business category. Once approved, I will give my clients an opportunity to ‘buy’ your services and place you in our business directory.

I host three business mixers each year to give business owners in my database of relationships the opportunity to brainstorm, network, and hopefully develop good business relationships. See the Blog page for the next date.