Jul 312012

Once your offer is accepted, we help you firm up the offer.  There is a flurry of activity during what can be a two day to a week long period of time. Your deposit must be submitted, conditions such as financing and inspection must be fulfilled, your lawyer needs to be appointed, and paperwork must be exchanged. Once all this is done, your offer is now considered firm, and can now proceed towards completion (closing) on the date specified in the agreement.  We ensure all the transaction paperwork is forwarded to both your lawyer and lender, who will be in touch with you as the closing date nears.

It is important that you contact your utility providers and advise them of your sale, purchase, and moving dates. Links to common providers in the markets we serve can be found on the Community Info page. There will be an opportunity to visit your new property (we recommend three visits) prior to closing. The first gives you an opportunity to bring your extended family, the second to take measurements, etc., and the third to do a final check a few days before closing.

Attention to detail is critical during this phase-our current clients tell us we are very good at details.

The Blair Zilkey Team-Insightful Advice, Leading Edge Implementation

Jul 282012

The ‘Cash Costs’ of buying and selling a home are often overlooked. We clarify with you and help you understand the timing and amount of non-mortgage costs (cash) you will need. Once you know your numbers, the pressure and uncertainty you feel eases. Then you can make the right business decisions.

You will often hear the term ‘closing costs’. Two points are critical to remember here:

First, think of these as ‘cash costs.’ The cash costs are funds you require in addition to your down payment, if you are a first time buyer, or, if you are already a home owner, the equity you will be applying to the purchase of your next home.

Second, you will need access to these funds to pay ‘cash costs’ at various times leading up to the purchase of your home-not just the week before closing. Examples of a cash cost would be the deposit you provide when the offer you make on a property is accepted, the cost of title insurance you will incur when the purchase of your new property closes, and the Land Transfer Tax you will have to pay.

We itemize these costs and review with you when we have our first buyer’s meeting. The spreadsheet we have developed is easy to understand and available to you in both pdf and excel formats, the latter so that you can make changes as required.

It’s good to have no surprises when money is concerned. Our process minimizes surprises.

The Blair Zilkey Team-Insightful Advice, Leading Edge Implementation.

Jul 272012

Today’s buyer expects more than to see a virtual tour of your home posted on Realtor.ca. In fact, virtual tours are to real estate marketing as beta was to video cassette tapes. Marketing of the past will not help you net maximum proceeds for your home today. Our Marketing Plan will.

To get maximum proceeds in the shortest amount of time, your home must compete on the strength of its features and benefits. These features and benefits must be showcased in a way that the traditional real estate listings aren’t. We’ve made the investment. We’ve got the knowledge, experience, and marketing and sales savvy to set your listing apart from its competition.

  • We create a dedicated url (website) for your property-123yourstreet.com;
  • All your home’s marketing content-content that today’s buyer wants to see often before they see your home-is there;
  • HD Video Tour, Slide Show, Floor Plans, Survey, Property Features & Upgrades, and pinned location give buyers an instant comprehensive view of your property;
  • And because almost 50% of adults 18-34 use their smartphone to access the web we’ve created mobile/tablet versions of our sites.

Visit www.marketingyourlisting.com for a tour.

Jul 262012

You don’t cut your own hair and likely don’t fix your own car, so why would you spend months trying to buy a house on your own (almost always unsuccessfully) without timely advice from a licensed professional you know has your best interests at heart?

Realtors are licensed by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), an independent body created by the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services. We must abide by the Real Estate and Business Broker’s Act (REBBA 2002), and complete mandatory update courses each year to stay current.

So, first, find a realtor-a professional you can trust. Second, educate yourself on the subject of Real Estate Agency so you are crystal clear about who is working for you and what their responsibilities are to you. We cannot emphasize this enough and encourage you to read Working with a Realtor. We review this with all our clients prior to signing an agreement.

The Blair Zilkey Team-Insightful Advice, Leading Edge Implementation.